Monday, November 24, 2014

Outfit: High hopes.

Faux fur collar coat: Junim LA via Shop Van De Vort || Metallica tee: Urban Outfitters || Leggings: ASOS || Necklace: Vanessa Mooney & Urban Outfitters || Boots: Ash .

It's ggggetting cccccold here you can feel winter in the air already, so here is my new winter coat for this year. I'm not a big fan of winter coats, so I only own a few (I usually buy one every year), but when I saw this one on instagram, I knew this one had to be mine. Even though it was quite expensive it was definitely worth it, it's perfect for layering because of its oversized fit and nice brown color. It's very 70s/boho inspired because of its huge faux fur shaggy collar which I totally love. It definitely keeps you super warm with a flannel shirt and knits underneath. When wearing jackets Iove doing necklace layering again, it's a great eye-catcher, especially with printed tees! 
Even in winter I prefer wearing leggings instead of denim pants, especially the leather look ones are sooo warm and leggings made of thinner material or tights are also possible when wearing a longer coat. 

Yesterday was super cool, I went to the movies in order to watch the Hunger Games Mocking jay Part 1 and I really enjoyed every second of it. The movie's amazing, very emotional and exciting. There are also some action scenes in it and it definitely didn't get boring at all. If you have the chance, go and watch it, you won't regret it. :-)
Wish you all a great new week and maybe some sunshine, too.
Love xx

Friday, November 21, 2014

Outfit: I know your hopes and dreams they will collide.

Leather jacket: Zara || Blouse: Primark || Necklace: Dixi || Velvet skirt: OASAP || Hat: ASOS || Studded boots: Zara || Cross belt: Urban Outfitters (old)

Here's an outfit a bit different to my usual outfits, it's less casual and more dressy/chic - you know that saying every woman should have at least one white blouse in her wardrobe? Maybe it's kinda true, but mine is very sheer (love wearing it with a black bra underneath - you know, Lana Del Rey style… ;D ) and I haven't worn it many times. I bought it secondhand, but it was actually sold at Primark. Primark always has some cool blouses and basics, you should check 'em out, they're true bargains.
This is probably my fourth velvet skirt, but I didn't own a black one and it goes with everything. I love OASAP's velvet skirts, they're super cheap and the quality is the same as the quality of the very expensive ones. The whole combo is very grunge chic I guess - it's definitely different to my usual style, but sometimes I love trying something new. Fashion is the best way for doing that! 
Wish you all an awesome weekend.
Love & Peace xx 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Outfit: The sky is falling, The sun is burning, A hallway to our eyes.

Camo jacket: Zara || Slipknot tee: Primark || Shorts: Tally Weijl (old) || Necklace: Vintage || Boots: Ash

That look is being thrown together with my favorite pieces I already have for at least 2 years in my wardrobe (no kidding!) - I remember wearing that camo jacket all summer long in 2012, it was one of my favorite cover ups for chilly nights. I still love it and I somehow rediscovered it, I always love when you have something hanging in your wardrobe and you almost forgot about having it and taadaaa there it is and you still feel the same joy as before while wearing it again. 
I think camouflage prints never get old, especially in autumn season they're always back in stores. I really love this one together with my red printed band tee and some washed blue denim cut offs - the combo is almost like a festival combo you can see at Glastonbury for example. 

Btw: the title of my new look is actually from the song "Don't Look Down" by Bring Me The Horizon - love their new stuff so much, especially that song is epic! Have a listen. xx

Monday, November 17, 2014

Outfit: Gone Trippin'

"Gone Trippin" denim jacket: UNIF || Tee: Urban Outfitters || Necklaces: Dixi & TheVintageWillow || Mesh/leatherlook leggings: eBay (old) || Platform boots: Vagabond.

Actually I have that denim jacket since last spring, but I wasn't able to wear it back then because it was usually too hot - now it's almost too cold, but I wear it with a cozy knit or warm flannel shirt underneath . I love jackets which got a printed back AND I love distressed details - so this jacket is straight from heaven sent, I guess haha. I think it's sold out already and not available anymore, so I'm really happy about grabbing one of the last pieces a couple of months ago. You can't go wrong with jackets made by UNIF, their designs are always edgy, cool and something you won't see in the streets daily. I think the jacket has a bit of a happy hippie vibe, I really like the tie-dye printed patches which say "Gone" and "Trippin" and the eye print looks so dope. The jacket is also kind of oversized and I hadn't owned a light blue jacket before - they always looked a bit boring to me, this one definitely not!
It's too cold for shorts most of the time the last days, so I'm wearing my leggings again. If you're not a fan of jeans like I (I don't know, they fit weirdly and aren't that comfortable.. they don't like my legs I think :-( ), I really would suggest you some leather look leggings in winter. They keep you warm, are super comfortable, fit like a glove and give your legs a nice silhouette. I always go for fabrics like "polyester", because those are way more comfortable than ones made of polytherane which is the same material used for faux leather jackets. It's mostly not stretchy at all and fits too baggy and not skin tight as it should.
Well enough talking, wish you all a beautiful new week! Love xx

Friday, November 14, 2014

Outfit: Well, whatever nevermind.

Nevermind duster cardigan: UNIF  || Mesh stripped blouse: Secondhand || Strappy bralet: Urban Outfitters || Shorts: Romwe || Boots: Vagabond || Necklace: Dixi

You all know "Spell" is my favorite brand for boho chic fashion, but do you know who's creating the most perfect grunge inspired fashion? Right, it's the one and only: UNIF. They create the most comfortable and dopest clothes EVER, I'm really into their outerwear, especially their cardigans or biker jackets! You always get that "I don't give a f**k" attitude while wearing an item by UNIF haha. The cardigan isn't only super soft and cozy, it also has the most gorgeous plaid print - I love the khaki/burgundy/cream colors, they match so perfectly. I want the outfit to look a bit more dressed up, so I combined the sweater with my old sheer blouse (I have it for more than 4 years I think…), strappy bralet and some denim cut offs. 
Again, it's a very autumn-like combination of colors and fabrics, I simply love wearing grey shades and burgundy when it's all foggy outside and chilly - still I have to admit that the autumn here in Germany is unusually warm this year and you're not really freezing while wearing only a sweater and tights. I remember last year at this time there was snow falling and I didn't leave house with at least 4 layers of clothes including my beloved parka. Well, I can't complain! 
Wish you all an awesome weekend, enjoy it! 
Love xx